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CN-103424782-A: 一种中层径向辐合的自动识别方法 patent, CN-103426270-A: Household intelligent fire-fighting early warning and escape system patent, CN-103426276-A: Voice article-seeking system and seeking method thereof patent, CN-103430587-A: 用于测试载波的方法、装置和计算机程序 patent, CN-103432440-A: Preparation method of traditional Chinese medicine for treating constipation-type acute bronchitis patent, CN-103437083-A: 一种摆梭轴固定块 patent, CN-103437334-A: Design method of side channel type entrance of non-pressure tunnel patent, CN-103438056-A: 一种连接器 patent, CN-103439405-A: Multifunctional electromagnetic detection sensor synchronized by iron core and ferrite core and detection method thereof patent, CN-103439689-A: System for estimating position of microphone in distributed microphone array patent, CN-103439974-A: Satellite posture determining system hardware reconfigurability measurement method patent, CN-103439991-A: 一种磨矿过程中调节给矿机振动频率的方法和装置 patent, CN-103448806-A: 用于减小前端侧角撞击期间乘客足部伤害的装置 patent, CN-103452673-A: Supercharged combined cycle system with air-flow bypass patent, CN-103454397-A: 一种岩土侧压试验专用膨胀器 patent, CN-103460007-A: 多路复用光纤裂纹传感器 patent, CN-103462225-A: Shirt capable of tightening lower portion patent, CN-103464102-A: Porous composite adsorbing agent for removing stream substrate sludge contamination and preparation process of agent patent, CN-103464245-A: Stirring pulverizer for viscous materials patent, CN-103469755-A: 车载式全液压远程射雾除尘器 patent, CN-103475260-A: Capacitive energy collecting converting device based on transformer substation field energy patent, CN-103478898-A: 测量模块和测量装置以及制条机 patent, CN-103482892-A: α型高强石膏粉的制备方法 patent, CN-103483758-A: Method for production of long-acting antibacterial PP special material patent, CN-103490167-A: 高增益滤波天线 patent, CN-103491718-A: Method for enabling flexible circuit board to be attached to touch pad patent, CN-103492407-A: Lyophilized formulations patent, CN-103495470-A: 一种雷蒙磨 patent, CN-103500971-A: Square suction type cable-cooling system patent, CN-103501199-A: Phase control device and phase control device for phase-stabilized transmission of radio-frequency signal patent, CN-103503150-A: 使用Vt移位效应的可编程FET及其制造方法 patent, CN-103503395-A: 用于次千兆赫频带中的无线通信的系统和方法 patent, CN-103505517-A: 一种安胃片的制备方法及应用 patent, CN-103508863-A: Method for preparing anhydrous formaldehyde patent, CN-103509299-A: 一种变压器用耐高湿绝缘护套料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103512167-A: 电梯控制间温度调节系统及方法 patent, CN-103514791-A: 青光眼模拟眼镜及其制作方法 patent, CN-103517254-A: 多接入点连接处理方法及装置 patent, CN-103519836-A: 手术中应用的成像设备 patent, CN-103521704-A: Method for casting blade patent, CN-103521934-A: Laser dicing method patent, CN-103523091-A: 用于与车身相连的副车架硬连接结构 patent, CN-103524067-A: 一种膨润土抗渗抗盐蚀水泥混凝土添加剂 patent, CN-103535760-A: 一种鸡肉香肠的制备方法 patent, CN-103537537-A: Guide process device and guide assembling method of obliquely-punching sliding blocks patent, CN-103544728-A: Method for filtering out detected surface in live-action map on basis of normal vector patent, CN-103545141-A: 一种高压开关柜的灭弧方法 patent, CN-103552006-A: 含天然纤维和磨料以及发泡剂的抛磨一体轮的制备方法 patent, CN-103552670-A: Longitudinal oiled slipway and lifting air bag type launching method for ship patent, CN-103552993-A: 采用dcs控制的硫磺制酸装置和生产方法 patent, CN-103555486-A: Health-care grape wine patent, CN-103558888-A: Intelligent control system and method for environment in cowshed patent, CN-103560203-A: Simple and efficient film thermobattery structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103560677-A: High-voltage direct-current power distribution unit and control method thereof patent, CN-103579641-A: Pile structure of flow battery patent, CN-103581014-A: Vrrp路由器动态调整方法及装置 patent, CN-103581228-A: Method and system for device communication in Internet of Things patent, CN-103583289-A: 玉米双垄覆膜播种联合作业机 patent, CN-103584889-A: Minimally invasive scalp retractor patent, CN-103598913-A: Universal interbody fusion cage propeller patent, CN-103599093-A: 一种新型的抗hpv药物制剂及用途 patent, CN-103601061-A: 电梯防夹安全方法及系统 patent, CN-103601351-A: 一种撬装式可移动钻井污泥无害化处理装置 patent, CN-103604702-A: Device for testing fracture toughness of rock patent, CN-103606910-A: Wide area information based fault self-healing method for dead zone of feeder outlet of distribution network patent, CN-103610567-A: Assistive rehabilitation training robot for stroke hemiplegic patients patent, CN-103610882-A: 一种治疗女性不孕症的中药组合物 patent, CN-103615324-A: Intake and exhaust end double-throttle-valve control method of amount adjusting type supercharged engine and realization mechanism thereof patent, CN-103615371-A: Compressor sound insulation device patent, CN-103620427-A: Pulsed missing ground detector circuit patent, CN-103640611-A: Bolt turnaround bogie patent, CN-103645345-A: 多轴电容式加速度计 patent, CN-103648747-A: 具有加强的热特性的pet容器及其制造工艺 patent, CN-103653016-A: Method for preparing mustard-flavored drumstick cutlet patent, CN-103657251-A: 高硅氧玻璃纤维复合耐高温过滤毡及其制备方法 patent, CN-103658044-A: 一种耐磨钢球段碎料回收装置 patent, CN-103659248-A: 一种连接器智能单旋螺母拧紧机 patent, CN-103662679-A: Eccentric turntable patent, CN-103663925-A: Water jacket of glass-melting electrode for electric glass melting furnace patent, CN-103665387-A: Method for preparing accurate polymer network patent, CN-103668669-A: 一种吸湿排汗面料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103669463-A: 液压回转系统的加速控制方法、装置和挖掘机 patent, CN-103670158-A: 一种无框阳台窗的上梁 patent, CN-103670482-A: 一种多功能双向风门压绳轮 patent, CN-103671278-A: Method for removing an inner casing from a machine patent, CN-103675744-A: Calibration device and calibration method for superconducting quantum interference sensor patent, CN-103691662-A: Cleaning machine for key iron scraps patent, CN-103692364-A: 一种顶锤用复合砂轮 patent, CN-103696993-A: 一种高效除尘节能离心通风机 patent, CN-103698354-A: Flow guide pipe patent, CN-103700277-A: 停车位置记录系统、移动终端和停车位置记录方法 patent, CN-103709327-A: 支链共轭二烯共聚物、橡胶组合物以及充气轮胎 patent, CN-103710492-A: 分段式热处理炉的中间炉门 patent, CN-103711204-A: 预应力钢结构现场无焊接的索撑节点装置 patent, CN-103718462-A: 用于通断电流的电路装置以及用于运行半导体断路器的方法 patent, CN-103719867-A: Instant okra snack food patent, CN-103721856-A: 一种石榴石抑制剂的制备方法 patent, CN-103724789-A: Thermoplastic elastomer toy material and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103724806-A: High-impact-resistant and flame-retarding polypropylene composite for automobile functional component and preparing method thereof patent, CN-103726119-A: Preparation method of photochromic threads patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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